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PGT Stands for  Pharmacogenomics testing

Ever have a medication side effect from a medication that felt too strong for you or felt like it had no effect on you at all?

Enter PGT, or Pharmacogenomic testing, the beginning of personalized medicine. Using a Q-tip to swab your cheek, a sample of your cells is sent to a specialized lab that reviews biomarkers involved in medication metabolism, response to medication, sensitivity to side effects, and folic acid metabolism.  Gain an understanding of your personal genetic/metabolic profile, which can help guide and inform treatment decisions, reducing the amount of trial-and-error you experience in your care.

Note: The PGT provides information, but clinical judgement and medical decision-making are key elements of your treatment plan. Having PGT results does not mean that the treatment selected will work, or that you will not experience any side effects from taking the medication.

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