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Enjoy 60 minutes of fitness, community, and awesomeness.  Classes will differ each day, and follow a weekly pattern.  More class sessions will be offered to meet the demand.  All equipment needed for the class is provided.  Current classes include:


Ashtanga Yoga: Learn and progress, build mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual strength and flexibility through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, led by a certified instructor.  Open to all, with an additional women-only class available.


Mat Pilates: Improve your strength, flexibility, and core fitness using only a mat and your body, guided by a certified Pilates instructor.


Tai Chi: Learn the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in a sequence of movements developed centuries ago.  One of the components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it will encourage the movement and flow of Qi throughout the body.  Led by an experienced Tai Chi practitioner.


TRX: Developed by a Navy Seal, get into the best shape of your life using a TRX band suspended from an overhead beam to apply your own body weight against you to develop strength, fitness, and muscle tone.  Works every muscle in your body.  Sweat guaranteed.  Led by a certified TRX instructor.


Running and Core Workout: Want to get into running or get back into running?   Want to improve your core strength and tone?  Join us for a scenic 3-mile run around beautiful Shaker Lakes, followed by a core workout session led by a personal trainer back at the Strive Wellness Hour Studio.  All runs start/end at the Strive Wellness Hour entrance. 

Next-Level Running packages are available to help you get from couch to 5k, 5k to 10k, and 10k to Half-marathon. Packages include 6 weeks of outdoor running, a Strive running shirt, and a Strive Silipint cup of your choice+lid. 


Boxing Fitness: Get into the best shape of your life, training like a boxer does.  Jump rope, punching drills, and techniques led by a boxing instructor.

Note: This class is non-sparring and is for fitness purposes only. 


DJ Hula Hoop class (Saturday nights): Channel your inner hula groove while engaging your core and building up your cardio with friends old and new, set to music, led by our Hula guru and DJ. 

Note: All Saturday night classes begin following the conclusion of Shabbat.  Times for each class will be posted.

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