Strive Mental Health and Wellness LLC is a provider of holistic mental health services, bringing wellness to the treatment of mental illness, in a community setting. 


Too often, mental health is provided in isolation, leaving the individual to piece together the remaining care on his or her own. 

Strive takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining adult mental health services, including prescription medication and counseling while adding nutritional services, personal fitness, and group fitness.  Acupuncture will also be offered for treatment of mental illness, substance abuse, and other conditions having an impact on the person’s mental health. 


A sense of community is an essential part of mental health, wellness, and de-stigmatization of mental illness.  Strive embraces community experiences by adding the Wellness Hour, an hour-long daily group fitness class available to all; Friday afternoon drum circle; square-foot community garden; participation in community events; and by enacting the 10-Choose program, whereby 10% of revenue is donated to charitable causes, a portion of which is directed by the individual at the time of service.


​Because strive means you are not there yet but you are working on it.  That you believe in yourself and are working towards a goal.  That your goal can be anything that you would like to be better in your life.  Because in the process of striving to live your best life, changes become apparent and personal growth begins, allowing you to reach the goal you set for yourself.

​3...2...1... STRIVE!

The rocket represents human spaceflight, one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.  It represents people coming together collectively and individually to do their best and achieve a goal.

The rocketship is also representational of anything you would like to be better or different in your life, where the spark is the desire to improve, the orbits represent the iterative process of self-improvement, and the rocket is piloted by you to reach the desired outcome.

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