Wondering whether the way you are eating is supporting or sabotaging your health?  Book an appointment with a nutritionist to optimize your food choices, quantities, and timing.  Measure and track your biometrics.  Develop goals and a personalized nutrition plan, while learning the keys to maintaining your plan during challenging situations.  

Health Coaching program by Jacki featuring ProCoach

Her coaching program is a comprehensive experience focused on helping people develop the skills needed to achieve their health and wellness goals. The program is a combination of online and in person coaching. You will receive accountability and support as you make changes and implement new lifestyle habits. The program features daily lessons and weekly habits to help guide you. Upon completion of the program, you will have a established solid nutrition, exercise and stress management habits. You will find yourself having more energy and control over your daily choices.  The program begins by meeting with Jacki for an initial consultation. 


6 month program includes:

Access to personal online portal for tracking progress and regular check-ins with coach

Two face to face coaching sessions a month

Personalized nutrition and exercise plans

Personalized curriculum with weekly habits and lessons